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Lila Downs
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps... / Quizas, quizas, quizas...

Oh, just thinking about Elizabeth Peña and Tortilla Soup and this song featured in the movie and how quick and temporal everything is. We add  meaning to the things that mean so much to us, which amplifies them, yet will probably mean nothing in the long run, in the great scheme, but in the short run, our loves, (both personal and mundane), we can only hope will be versatile enough seed for whichever soil comes next.

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Joan Osborne
One Of Us


Joan Osborne - One Of Us

What would you ask if you had just one question?

When this song came out, and I believe it eventually hit #1 in the charts, I had a Sharp “computer controlled” cassette deck hooked up to my stereo system. I’ve always been a vinyl guy, but didn’t shun cassettes, it was the only way to make mix tapes. This cassette deck did state, “computer controlled” on it, but it really just had some internal timer that could turn it on or off like an alarm clock. So if you hooked your stereo through it and left the stereo set to play a tape in the morning, it would turn on and play that tape. I usually just set it to turn on in the morning with my receiver set to the local rock station. (I wake up to the sound of music…) One morning it goes off and this song starts playing. I lay in bed, waiting for the sheet marks to fade, thoroughly enjoying this song in that half waking state. The song ends and the DJ says something good about it and states that it was written by Eric Bazilian of The Hooters. I did not know that. I happened to know The Hooters, so I got up and sent Eric an email congratulating him on writing such a nice song and having a peripheral hit through Joan Osborne. He was happy about it too.

And though a completely separate story, I was hanging out with Eric at a bar in Florida when I met Benny Hill, BENNY HILL!

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CultureTRIBUTE: Elizabeth Peña (1961-2014)

Saddened to hear about the passing of Ms. Pena. The Cuban-American actress has been working in Hollywood for decades. Whether it was La Bamba, Jacob’s Ladder or Lone Star on the big screen; or L.A. Law, Resurrection Blvd and most recently Modern Family on the small screen, most viewers will recognize the her face. She’s had a long and solid career as a character actress. She will be missed. RIP.  IMDb Filmography here.

This saddens me.

So sad, fell in love with her in Tortilla Soup.

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